On Wednesday 21st of June, Y6 went to The Anderton Centre. On the first day, we walked to the canoe and other water activities hut, then we went on a short tour around the Anderton Centre. After that, we did a team building crate challenge where we had to travel on crates from one line to another. Soon after that, we got put into three different teams and went off to three different activities, which were: Team Building, Low Ropes and Crate Stacking. The last thing we did that day was go on a walk to the beach along the reservoir; we played a game of who could throw the rock the furthest with the strongest hand, then weakest hand, then to see who could do the most skimmers. To end the day, we watched a movie with hot chocolate and biscuits.

The next day, we had a delicious breakfast and then got ready into our water gear to go rafting. When we got to the water bank, we got into our three groups and started to get our essentials to build a raft. Then we learned how to tie a knot to keep the rafts together and we put together the barells. We then rafted to ‘bird poo island’ and when we set off to raft again, Evin unfortunately fell in the reservoir! People then got a chance to jump into the reservoir and then when we got back to the bank, everyone had a chance to jump in. After rafting, we did three more activities: Orienteering, Archery and Tree Climbing.In the evening, we built our own tents, and we roasted marshmallows and popcorn on a campfire.

On the last day, we got our canoeing gear on and we went canoeing over to the castle on Rivington Hill where we played a game. We had to find a bottle cap and silently move so that nobody knew where it was or where to find it, then we had to find two different bottle caps. Afterwards, we canoed back over to the Anderton Centre where we had dinner; we then travelled back to school.

We all had a great time at the Anderton Centre and we all think that Y5 should be very excited for their trip next year!






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