R.E. Year 6

Year 6 Collective Worships (autumn) 

We have thoroughly enjoyed planning, editing and delivering collective worships to our peers this term.  

We worked in pairs or in threes to plan our very own collective worship. We enjoy every bit of this from the creating of a PowerPoint to creating a resource for the go forth. 

It is extremely nice how we respect everyone’s collective worships and it is interesting seeing everyone’s different touches. 

Everyone, in a day, needs time to reflect and respond on matters or subjects which are in our everyday lives, whether we realise it or not. It is a good excuse for us all to come together at any point during the day.  

We are glad we are given the responsibility and freedom to do our own collective worships as it makes us feel very grown up and gives us the confidence to do it again.






















We were very lucky to have Jeremy come in to help us learn all about Judaism in our RE lessons.  

Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday and it is also called Day of Atonement. Yom Kippur is the start of a New Year.  We learnt about the importance of fasting and what you have to do. We also learnt that before fasting you have a big festival.   For boys you have to be 13 to fast but for girls you have to be 12. However, some boys choose to do it at 11 to prove they’re grown up enough. 

In the synagogue boys sit at the bottom and girls sit at the top. Another interesting fact is that Jews are not allowed to touch the scroll when reading from it.  We really enjoyed this visit as it helped us greatly in our work that followed.  

We described the experience of Rosh Hashanah by writing a newspaper article, we designed our very own poster advertising Mitzvah Day and we did our own research about Sukkot. We finished off our work by creating our very own Yom Kippur crossword for our peers to work out. 

Thank you, Jeremy!  

By Logan, Katherine and Hannah.

PS: Jeremy you inspired a lot of people including us and we respect that so thank you!



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