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Year 6

On Thursday 22nd April, we celebrated World Earth Day. We focused on the topic of oceans.

First of all, we watched a very interesting and informative video (BBC Bitesize) about how plastic pollution is affecting our oceans. We were shocked at some of the items that are found in our oceans.

For our first activity, we used all of the facts we had learnt, such as how over 700 million people depend on fishing for their livelihoods, how medical treatments have been developed from resources found in the sea and how our oceans provide a safe home to an incredible variety of wildlife, from the largest animal that has ever lived on the Earth (blue whale), to the tiny krill that they eat, to design and create a poster with the title: Why are our oceans important to us? See the gallery below for some examples of these amazing posters!

Up next we explored how a plastic straw can one day be being used by someone in a park to drink a drink during a picnic to then end up on their dinner plate (fish and chips)! We ordered the parts of a story to show the straw's journey. 

As part of Earth Day, we looked at saddening pictures which showed us some amazing wildlife being directly affected by plastic pollution. 

To end the day, we wrote down three statements - one to say what we can do as individuals to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans, another to say what we can do as a community and the final one was about what we can do as a world.