St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School Hindley

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Abbott Street, Hindley, Wigan,, Lancashire WN2 3DG

We Learn and Grow together with Jesus

School Meals


School Meals are £2.30 per day and £11.50 per week.

Please click on the listed menu below for our school meal choices:


Please click here for Week One Menu. These are on the following weeks - w/c 31/08/2020, 21/09/2020, 12/10/2020, 02/11/2020, 23/11/2020, 14/12/2020

Please click here for Week Two Menu. These are on the following weeks - w/c 07/09/2020, 28/09/2020, 19/10/2020, 09/11/2020, 30/11/2020

Please click here for Week Three Menu. These are on the following weeks - w/c 14/09/2020, 05/10/2020, 16/11/2020, 07/12/2020


The Autumn Terms Theme days are:

                           Thursday 5th November - Bonfire Night                             
Hotdogs and Chips

 Mini doughnut (Chocolate & Sugar)


                            Friday 6th November                                   

Chicken burger and chips

Fish stars and chips

Apple enchiladas and custard


                           Friday 13th November                                 

Sausage, yorkshire pudding, mash & peas

Beef burger, waffles and peas

Chocolate chip cookies


                        Friday 20th November                                 

Chicken curry and rice

 Sweet and sour chicken and rice

 Assorted frozen desserts


                                           Friday 27th November                                                 

Sausage chips and gravy

Fish, chips and peas



                Friday 4th December                

Beans on toast

Spaghetti on toast

Cheese on Toast

  Decorated cupcakes


Wednesday 9th December - Christmas Dinner                  

Turkey, roast potatoes, mash, carrots, sprouts, sweetcorn, pigs in blankets, stuffing balls

Christmas pudding and custard, mince pies

                        Friday 11th December                                 

Corned beef lobbies and veg

 Chicken nuggets, smiley faces and veg

Yum Yums


Friday 18th December - Christmas picnic           

Sandwiches – Ham, Chicken, Cheese or Tuna                 

Sausage roll

Crisps, mini biscuits

                                                                                                                                   Mini muffin, chopped fruit