"I will lift up my hands in prayer to the Lord."

(Exodus 9:29)

Our School Prayers


Prayer is an integral part of our daily school life.

Through prayer, we can communicate with God and raise our hearts and minds to Him. We can give praise and thanks to Him for the great things He has given us, we can ask forgiveness or we can request good things from Him.


Our Whole School Prayer

(Created by CAFOD Club and is said every morning)


Dear God, 

Please protect our St Benedict's Family during this new day, as we learn and grow together with Jesus.


Our Lunch Time Prayer


For what we are about to receive, 

May the Lord make us truly thankful.



EYFS and KS1 Home Time Prayer:


Goodnight God, I'm going home,

School is over, work is done, 

I shall pray to you tonight,

You shall watch til morning light.

KS2 Home Time Prayer:


Father in Heaven, bless me this night,

Keep me safe til morning light,

Help me to do the things I should,

To be to others, kind and good,

To grow more loving day by day,

In all I think and do and say.