During Science Week Year 2 learned all about Charles Macintosh and his invention of waterproof fabric.
We discovered that Charles Macintosh painted dissolved liquid rubber onto fabric to make it waterproof. 
His invention was so important that raincoats were named after him, and because of this raincoats are called Mackintoshes or Macs. 
Year two then carried out their own investigation to try to find which would be the best material to make a raincoat. They worked as a group to test a range of different materials including, tinfoil, clingfilm, cotton, paper and laminated cotton. 
They discovered that the tinfoil, clingfilm and laminated cotton were all waterproof. 
Next, they tested these 3 waterproof materials to see which one would be most practical and comfortable to use as a coat by wrapping them around their arm and trying to bend, and then take it on and off again. 
They concluded that the laminated cotton was the most suitable material as it was waterproof, flexible and strong.
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