Careers Week
Recently, KS2 have been working extremely hard thinking about their future. They have been learning about different pathways in life, and the endless career opportunities life has to offer. Y3 explored their dream jobs, Y4 worked hard to think of careers and jobs based on a person’s likes and interests, Y5 thought about how they can achieve certain jobs and Y6 wrote their very first CV.

Each class has also been extremely lucky to have been sent special videos off two professionals who have careers in Science. Children have watched a video from a Science Data Analyst who works for large companies around the UK and another video from a Forensic Scientist who is also a lecturer of Science who both explained their pathways taken to get where they are today - which were very different. Both videos were inspiring and motivating to all children, especially those already with a keen interest in Science. 

Take a look at individual class pages to find out more. 

Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6