British Science Week 2021


At the start of the week we played a game of 'Herd Immunity Jenga.' The rules were the same as normal Jenga apart from in round 1 some of the block were given a vaccine (a blue sticker). The players would act as the virus and would pull a piece from the tower which had not been vaccinated. The virus soon toppled. In round two more blocks were vaccinated and which meant they could not be taken too. The tower stood longer this time. Finally in round three nearly all the blocks were vaccinated and the tower did not fall.


Our topic this term is Electricity and this week we had the opportunity to create our own live circuits using cells, bulbs and wires. We had to fix the circuits that would not work and discussed what would be good insulators and conductors.


For British Science Week our inventor was Stephanie Kwolek. We learned how she accidently invented Kevlar whilst trying to make a material that would be good for tyres. A set weight of kevlar is 10 times stronger than steel and can be moulded for many different purposes. We conducted our own science experiment where we tested various different materials to see which was the strongest and what purposes each material would be best suited for.


Finally, to end the week we engineered our very own rocket vehicles. Using balloons, a cup, elastic bands and some boobing the children were challenged to build a car that would propel it self. We ended with a rocket car race!

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