During World Mental Health Day, Year 6 talked about what mental health is and what we can do to keep our minds healthy. We discussed lots of different ideas to help ourselves and each other to feel happy and supported during times of need. We also discussed key words such as 'resilience' and 'perseverance'. 

Linking to resilience, we completed an activity which required us to think about the people and things that help us to have the power of resilience. On one side of our paper, we listed these people and things, and on the opposite side we wrote down how these made us feel and how they helped us in our daily lives. 

We then used a flower template to tackle any challenge we had coming up in the near future, such as SATs, high school, playing for a team etc. In the middle, we wrote down what we believed our upcoming challenge was. We then filled the petals with ideas as to how we will overcome this and be successful, with a positive mindset.